Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Businesses begun…

I belong to a talented group of metalsmiths who, like me, sell their jewelry creations on Etsy. This month we’ve decided to share our stories of businesses we have started. My career as an entrepreneur began at a very young age - I started off with babysitting and pet-sitting for my extended family, and when I turned ten I began working at my parent’s dry cleaners.  All that babysitting inspired me to learn more about how the human brain develops. I studied to be a clinical social worker and eventually specialized in play therapy for children. I enjoyed that a lot, but once my own children were born I decided to be a little more creative with generating income and started a faux painting business with two friends. I figured that by having my own business, I could work the hours I wanted to: I could be away during the hours that my kids were in school and be home when they were home. We grew the business over the next few years and it became quite successful. Too successful, actually! We became so busy that I was doing just the opposite of my original plan – working too many hours and missing seeing my kids. So I decided my painting days were over, and sold the business to my partners - planning to be a full-time mom while my son was still at home for his last year of high school and for my daughter’s last couple of years of being at home. But I can never sit still for long, and so I began dabbling in new creative outlets. I soon grew fascinated with jewelry making and a few months later, Form and Funktion was born. It’s been an incredible journey over the last four years and I’ve learned so much about running a business as I continue honing my skills as a metalsmith. Most of all, what stands out as I look back are the amazing and diverse people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with because of the work I do. Those connections make my job rewarding and energizing on a day to day basis. It’s been a great path and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead. 

Read further to hear about my fellow team-mates adventures in business:

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